About Zamorin Decor

Zamorin Decor is a new addition to the finest decor industry with the blend of latest trends and traditional royal heritage. The name Zamorin familiar for Keralites (Malayalees) is derived from the Hindu Monarch of the Kingdom of Kozhikode, on Malabar Coast. Calico, the pride of Malabar, is the most ethnic fabric from Calicut which was popular in Europe for more than four centuries made by the traditional weavers called cāliyans originally from the city of Calicut in south-western India which was then ruled by the Zamorin Kingdom. This enchanting history of Zamorin is the grounds for Zamorin Decor to adopt this name of pride to our furnishings firm in reminiscence of the Calico heritage and Zamorin’s Vikramapuram Palace decorations. The name itself defines authenticity and ethnicity of Zamorin Decor. The inimitability in the name is evident in our furnishing spectrum also with designs and fabric that you cannot take your eyes off.

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